A splendid place, an impression catched from a beautiful painting, the lines of an ancestral architecture ...

All these beauties inspire us to create, through Onorée Paris, jewels full of history and meaning.

Our creations are thought like permanent companions mixing at the same time Parisian spirit and ambiences brought from distant countries.

The first idea comes often from the stone, and then we add our inspirations to give a soul to each jewel.

We choose our stones one by one for the beauty of their colors, their brilliance and the personality they can give to our creations.

Each jewel is the result of a long and meticulous hand work, each piece is unique.

 Our jewelry is made in Jaipur, the beautiful pink city of Rajasthan  known for its majestic heritage and its jewelery craftsmen who work on the most beautiful jewels of maharajas for centuries.